Zellers aligns with extremists Bachmann, Franson

This weekend, extremist Grover Norquist came to Minnesota to headline the “Taxpayers Rally” at the State Capitol. Many Republicans considering statewide office in 2014 have signed Norquist’s absolutist anti-tax pledge or support it.

The rally featured other extremists such as Rep. Michele Bachmann and state Rep. Mary Franson. Oh, and Rep. Kurt Zellers was there too.

What is Zellers, who is considering running for governor, doing aligning himself with extremists like Bachmann and Franson?

Does he agree with Rep. Franson that feeding poor people is like feeding wild animals? Does he agree with Bachmann that there should be a McCarthy-like witch hunt in Congress to see which members are anti-American or pro-American?

Anyone willing to align themselves with extremists like Bachmann and Franson is wrong for Minnesota.

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