Minnesota GOP scarier than Halloween costumes

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What’s scarier than the GOP candidates running for Minnesota governor and U.S. Senate? Nothing.

Perhaps it’d be slightly more scary if they put on some costumes that display key attributes of their campaigns. Here are some ideas.

Julianne Ortman: A genie. This is frightening because she would grant all her wishes for big business, continually leaving working class families behind. Frightening.

genie 100

Mike McFadden: A ghost. Where is he? No one has seen him for months. Sounds about right.


Jim Abeler: An 80s rockstar. We all know he misses his longer hair.

80s 2

Jeff Johnson: Two Face. Seemingly “nice” in public, but actually the policies he supports are pretty evil, and he hires sexist staffers.

Dave Thompson: Scott Walker. He already wants to be like Scott in almost every way. All he needs is a Scott Walker mask to make the transformation complete.

scott walker

Kurt Zellers: A wrestling coach. The resemblance is just too spot on to ignore. He also continually talks about how he is ready for the fight. I don’t think that’s an accidental pun.

giphy-4 copy 4

Scott Honour: Mitt Romney’s clone. No costume necessary.

romney 4


*The original image and text for Jeff Johnson was removed and the costume changed because it was an inappropriate reference to a fictional character.  We apologize for this error.  It will not happen again.

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