GOP gubernatorial candidates agree on taking Minnesota backwards

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Kurt Zellers, Jeff Johnson, Scott Honour and Dave Thompson all agree on what it would take to move Minnesota backwards.

At their first GOP debate, the gubernatorial candidates agreed on pretty much everything…and it was all bad for everyday Minnesotans.  Failed Speaker Kurt Zellers, Rep. Dave Thompson, Jeff Johnson, and Scott Honour looked like four bobble heads sitting on stage together.

They all agree on the big, and small, issues facing Minnesota in the coming election. None of them want to big corporations and the richest Minnesotans to pay their fair share. They all agree on cutting crucial funds for social services and generally moving Minnesota backwards.

They also agree that there’s not much difference between the group. Stretching for an answer, Kurt Zellers at one point in his campaign even said that his “hot wife” differentiates him.

The bobble heads pandered to the extreme crowd by all agreeing that we should hold Minnesota back, not move our state forward.

Overall, the candidates did nothing to stand out or differentiate themselves. They just bobbed their heads in agreement to re-using the same failed policies that got us into a mess in the past.

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